Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – MOME

For more than 140 years, MOME has played a leading and influential role in Hungarian academic art education. The MOME educational model incorporates a multi-disciplinary system, merging theory and practice. Our program introduces students to professional problem solving methods through specific practice-based projects, which encourage continuous dialogue between students and faculty in the disciplines of Architecture (architecture, interior and furniture design), Design (transportation and product design, jewelry, ceramics, textile and fashion design), and Media (animation, photography, media design, graphic design).

The 3 years BA + 2 years MA system has been introduced in 2010 and culminates with 4 years of doctoral training, allowing students to obtain DLA (PhD in practice) and PhD degrees.

In September 2019, the new campus of MOME was opened to students and teachers of the institution. Thanks to the construction and renovation process of several phases started in 2014 creating a 25.000 square meters of built space, MOME has become the state-of-the-art design education institution in Central Europe with a top-notch campus.

Beside the renewal of the emblematic central monumental building of MOME, four new buildings emerged for the educational, practice and R&D&I activities, also enriched with a high-tech photo, film and audio studio, a digital post-production lab, and workshops with up-date technologies.

In parallel to the construction of the buildings, the university places great emphasis on the creation of a competitive educational, research, innovation and incubation programs, so that MOME could become a regional reference institution housing high-standard artwork and intellectual values in the field of creative industry.

The Animation community of MOME is one of the defining creative collective and intellectual workshops of Hungarian Animation since over 40 years. Its scope of activities cover the operation of the BA and MA educational programs, while its work is defined by activities that reach beyond education. Talent management and content development set in an international network are in focus, and it also plays a significant role in Budapest’s cultural life with an animation festival, exhibitions, events, markets etc. Production activities are of key importance, in the framework of which animation project developments are realised in cooperation with acknowledge animation professionals, companies, NGO’s and international partners as well.