Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Animationsinstitut, part of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, was established in 2002. Since then, it has evolved into one of the world’s most renowned educational institutions for animation, VFX and games.

Students are taught and supported by highly qualified lecturers – all professionals from the industry –  and they get to meet important national and international players in the industry even while studying.
Animationsinstitut offers the Film + Media diploma course with a focus on Animation or Interactive Media, along with five main specialization options:


Whether computer animation, hand-drawn animation, stop motion, real-time animation, or interactive applications – our technologically sophisticated infrastructure gives you the opportunity to learn all relevant production techniques. You specialize in either animation directing, concept art, or character animation.

Visual Effects

Studying VFX gives you an artistic and technical education. You learn how to implement VFX in films, games, or other projects. Our technologically sophisticated infrastructure allows you to get to know and use all relevant techniques for VFX production. As a VFX supervisor, you account for the artistic realization of effects, while as a VFX artist you create digital worlds.

Animation/Effects Producing

The course Animation/Effects Producing at Animationsinstitut teaches you how to develop, plan and manage animation, game and effects projects. You will become a professional in matters of budgeting, timing, resource management, and team leadership. The focus of your studies is on practical work and project realization in teams.

Technical Directing

You create the link between art and technology in the production of films, games, or immersive media projects. After having completed your studies of computer science or a similar subject area, you learn how to implement animation and VFX projects, research new software solutions, and are free to experiment in a variety of ways in student teams.

Interactive Media

You realize projects in teamwork, from idea to design, production and publication. There are three specializations: As a transmedia/games director you take on the artistic direction of a project. As a transmedia/games artist you take charge of its technical and audiovisual design. As a transmedia/games producer you are responsible for the production of a project on the financial and organizational level.

Education is practical and project-based, encouraging the interdisciplinary exchange with all Filmakademie students right from the start. In addition, Animationsinstitut is part of a strong international network: Distinguished guest lecturers from Europe, the USA and Germany teach students, while a lively exchange with leading international film school is taking place. Thanks to their great success at major festivals, where their diploma projects win internationally renowned awards, Animationsinstitut alumni are much sought-after on the job market.

Hands-on training at the institute is supplemented by scientific research and development. A highly skilled and motivated team of researchers, engineers and artists works on the next generation of tools, workflows and content for film, animation, VFX and XR/immersive media.


In addition to its activities in the areas of teaching, research, Animationsinstitut offers digital post-production facilities. Filmakademie also organizes FMX – Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media. This non-profit event is a perfect opportunity for our students to network with professionals, recruiters and artists from around the world. FMX attracts around 4,000 participants from 60 countries, and features a large number of internationally renowned speakers who shed light on the latest and most relevant industry topics.





Image credits: The Beauty. Pascal Schelbli, 2019. Copyright: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg