Workshop Contents

Module 1 – Filmakademie

Positioning as emerging animation film and production professional

  • teambuilding and professional positioning within the ASF 16 group
  • introduction to the European animation production environment/system and animation markets
  • closer look on the animation, games and XR industry in the region of Stuttgart / Ludwigsburg and in Germany 
  • target groups and audiences: what format for whom?
  • Studio visits in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart
  • examples by former ASF participants
  • World building and story worlds: 360° content – one world, many stories
  • First pitch (to peers and tutor): the concept in context


Module 2 – MOME

Design, style and approach

The Central- and Eastern European animation scene

  • Story development mentoring sessions
  • Case studies of former ASF-project productions
  • Presentation of the Hungarian and Central- and Eastern European Animation scene
  • Finding the right design and style to fit a story
  • Studio visits in Budapest
  • Practice workshop: sound design and music score
  • Practice workshop: voice over recording and actor leading
  • Masterclasses of animation artists and professionals from the region


Module 3 – The Animation Workshop

Budgeting, scheduling, marketing and distribution, developing and pitching games/films/series

2 weeks of lectures and pitch preparation focusing on production

  • Project planning, budgeting, scheduling
  • Financing, funding bodies
  • The Danish and Nordic animation markets
  • European co-productions
  • Animation Studio / artist residency visit
  • Non linear immersive storytelling
  • Creating a 1-pager for films or TV content or games/interactive media
  • Director’s/producer’s statement of intent
  • ASF alumni presentations
  • Individual Pitch training and mentoring sessions
  • Pre-pitch (pitching to peers, tutor and a panel giving feedback): practice the pitch to prepare for the final pitch in Paris


Module 4 – GOBELINS Paris

Project launch

2 weeks of lectures and pitch training leading to a final presentation

  • innovative French animation
  • French studio and/or French residency visit
  • director/ producer French animated film case study 
  • international legal issues and intellectual property
  • EU funding strategy
  • editorial choices by european broadcasters, distributors and/or publishers
  • meetup with former ASF participants 
  • individual project review sessions with industry professionals and pitching experts
  • body and vocal training: collective & individual pitch rehearsals with body & vocal coach
  • final pitches : presentation before a panel of industry professionals